Sunday, 20 November 2016

Times flies when you're having... fun

How has it already been over 3 weeks since I last posted a blog? I have got to get better at this.

Second year is going surprisingly well. I'm ignoring my to do list and pretending like everything is fine! I'm currently sat on the sofa watching TV and attempting to complete my UCAS application. As I am on a Foundation Degree, I have to apply to a 3rd year programme to gain a full BA. I'm sure this wouldn't be half a stressful if I had started it when I should have instead of waiting 3 days before our internal deadline. But, let's not dwell on that!

We got our presentation feedback back, which was surprisingly okay. I got a better grade than I did last year and that was all I wanted really. It's funny though, getting feedback never gets any easier. I always feel a sense of annoyance when the feedback is really simple, like how I should have had a conclusion on my presentation. Duh.

We are on the Christmas count down now, with only a few weeks to go until uni finishes. At the end of last year, I swore I would use terms with fewer deadlines to get ahead of upcoming work. However, in a term where we have had one deadline at the beginning and one at the very end, I have failed to do this. Of course. So I'm now spending the next couple of weeks writing reflective accounts and filling out paperwork for assessments. We have a deadline the first week back after Christmas, so once this terms deadlines are over I will get going on that.

Also on my to do list, is reading for my research project. We are going to University of Reading next week to have some study skills advice on writing Literature Reviews for our research project which should be good.

I'm hoping to blog about UCAS this week... providing I get my application done!!