Sunday, 12 June 2016

The end is in sight...

WAHOO! I can't quite believe that I am sitting writing this post (when I really should be working...) so close to our final hand in of the first year. It's crazy to think back on this past year, I can't believe how fast it has gone.

This year has been full of challenges and I've learnt so much as I found my way through those challenges. There will most definitely be a blog post coming soon reflecting back on the past year, once I've officially finished everything.

At the moment I still have a lot of finishing off to do, filling out paperwork and completing the last few pieces of work to be handed in on Thursday. But I'm really looking forward to our last uni day on Wednesday. We will be heading to the University of Reading (who facilitate our Foundation Degree) to listen to past students talk about research they have carried out. One of next years modules is a double module, and we will have to conduct our own research project. So this should be really interesting and hopefully inspire us all for next year!

Last Thursday was our last day at uni, so we have been given an almighty stack of reading to tide us over until October and I've got a few articles saved away that I've come across over the year. Plus a few books I bought for my assignment on how the media affects children, which I didn't get around to reading. So my plan is to keep up my reading over the summer, whilst also having a well earned break.

I'm not sure whether we are finishing at the same time as everybody at university, as we're slightly different being off campus. But I hope you're enjoying your summer if you've already finished and if you haven't yet, it can't be long until you're done so keep going!!